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Code DW500
Brand Seac-Sub
Manufacturers Code 500

Seac Sub Warmdry Drysuit (500)

Price From: £520.00

Price From: £520.00

Seac Sub Warmdry Drysuit @ Divers Warehouse

4mm High Density Neoprene is an excellent thermal insulator yet weighs fifty percent less than other traditional dry suits.

Soft and comfortable like a wetsuit but watertight and warm as a drysuit.

Low-profile cut is designed to fit close to the body and you only need a thin undersuit to give a wetsuit type fit.
Aquastop Neoprene Wrists and glide skin neck keep you warm and dry. The semi-rigid boots can be turned inside-out to ease drying and improve your finning technique.
High-Resistance Materials offer protection on shoulders, elbows, knees and the bum area has material to keep you in place when seated.