At A Glance

Code DW60085
Brand IST
Manufacturers Code R750

IST R750 Regulator


First Stage- R7 Flow-through piston 1st stage" Piston technology has been used in SCUBA for many years now and its longevity lies in its simplistic, bomb-proof design." Available with YOKE or 300BAR DIN (G5/8) connector." 4 intermediate pressure ports and 1 high pressure port. Inter. pressure setting @9.5~10.0 bar (137~145psi)Ventilation rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 3110L / min. (110 cu ft / min.)" For use in waters warmer than 10°C." CE certified.O-50 Down-stream 2nd stage" Reliable and robust, the O50 uses the time-proven, easy to service down-stream valve. Coupled with our high-spec, large bore intermediate pressure hose (max. service pressure @34.5 BAR / 500psi), it flows more than enough air even when breathing demand is high." The light-action purge button is easy to access." The pre-dive / dive switch atop the second stage housing prevents free-flow while the diver is on the surface.Cracking pressure setting @ 1.2 inch of water Flow rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 30 cu ft / minMax service intermediate pressure @ 10 bar (145psi) Down-stream 2nd stage