About Us

Your One Stop Scuba Shop

The Divers Warehouse Team consists of Michelle, Anton, Billy, Chris, Bernie and Sam.  The Training Team, training both SSI and PADI consists of Andy, Mark, Chris, Steve, Paul, Jackie, Howard and Shaun with Steve and Seb moving through the ranks

Divers Warehouse Ltd is a stand-alone shop in Bradford, West Yorkshire we have no other shops or associations other than working closely with H20 Divers and Duttons Divers.

We work very closely with Seac-Sub, Submerge, Sea & Sea, DiveRite, IST to name a few and find them very supportive towards the community Dive Shop which helps us to serve you.

We have a showroom, changing rooms and an onsite IDEST approved servicing area, so we can test your regulators, computers and cylinders “in house”.   We also can pump to 300 bar and have qualified gas blenders in store daily.  Our Certificates for Servicing and Air Purity are displayed as we are proud of our certifications ensuring that you get the best possible experience whether it be for an air fill, cylinder test or servicing breathing air equipment.

We are one of the only Centres to have SSI, PADI and BSAC all in the same pool on a Wednesday evening at Shipley Pool, followed by food and drink afterwards.  Whilst our training extends to SSI and PADI only any other qualified members are able to book on to the pool sessions to enhance their skills and keep the sport going.  The age range is vast from 8 to late 60’s so you are never too old or too young to experience the underwater world.

We are huge supporters of The Great Northern Dive show and its founder Ruth.  We love her passion in trying to bring new blood in to the sport and also to keep those that are trained with fresh new ideas to avoid monotony.  There are many stands to excite the avid diver, their children and partners, plus if you have never dived before the buzz that surrounds the event which we are a massive part of will make you want to and that’s where we come in to make that happen!

When we are not getting wet we are doing the second favourite thing….eating!  Thursday evening from 16:00 onwards is social night @ Divers Warehouse with many of the training team, regulars and any who wants to be a part getting a takeaway and planning the next trip.

We don’t state we get everything right but given the chance we will do all we can to put any issues right, the problem is in the current market people forget to talk and go on faceless forums, review sites and jump on a negative bandwagon which does not help anyone, yourselves as we cannot rectify without full details or the small dive shop to stay around to supply your air, service your goods with reputable certifications, supply genuine goods from reputable suppliers….it has yet to be invented the air fill from a USB lead!!  Talk to us with any problems/gripes first and foremost.  We get a lot right too just the “ British” way is to not celebrate that!

We are an active dive centre with many trips which include the usual spots Stoney Cove, Capernwray, Eccy Delph etc but we do plan many trips which can be found on our monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this website… Seahouses, Farnes, Vivian, Menai plus further afield

Join our very friendly team both in and out of the water, we don’t care what cert you have we are just interested in keeping the sport alive, supporting the local businesses and experiencing all the underwater world.  Our motto is professional in the water, fun loving out of the water.

The local dive shop that’s small enough to keep it personal but big enough to match prices and ship worldwide if you give us the chance to do so.